What is Image Consulting?

Your Image !

An Image is what stays when a personal professional or social meeting gets over.

Image “proclaims the man” or woman wrote Shakespeare.

Your Image is how the external world – personal & professional perceives you, perception that is carried as an impression of you influencing crucial decisions made about you – influencing your success.

The key elements of your Image include:
• Clothing,
• Grooming
• Body language including etiquette

An image is the brand you create for yourselves – just as products, services, companies have a brand upon which success is primarily dependent.

Just as Brand consideration, Brand Perception, Brand recall & Brand preference drives the success of products/services – your IMAGE is an enzyme to fast track your personal & professional success.

This Brand of yours functions as visual, non-verbal communicators on which you are judged – mostly on what is not said.

After all, we all want to be successful in our life ! Creating a powerful winning image thru’ how we dress, communicate, our etiquette and style in our day to day dealings is the key to success. Simple things such as how to present your self for a client meeting, starting from what to wear, how to greet, even how to shake hands – creating an impactful first impression can make or break the deal for you.