Why I like Polka dots

I am not a Fashion stylist hence I will not ask to wear the Latest Fashion hit!

However, I recommend that you always wear what you are comfortable in and it will work better than wearing the trend.

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What’s in my Wardrobe

Do you workout? Are you a Social butterfly? If given a choice to go for a game of tennis/watch a movie, where would you go?

Have you ever faced a situation where you are invited for a Formal event (Eg. Black Tie Event) but there is nothing appropriate in your wardrobe which you can wear.

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Plus size Fashion

Lets talk about one small aspect – our body shape or figure variations .Some of us may want to alter that , or want to look thin, fat, short , tall ,slim…may be we are happy the way we are however for a special occasion we want to look a certain way ….

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DECODING ‘The First Impression’

Everything is communicating to each other in this world .

Giving out signals , saying something which cant always be heard but may be seen or felt , making its impression on the surroundings and people around it .

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