I am not a Fashion stylist hence I will not ask you to wear the Latest Fashion hit!

However, I recommend that you always wear what you are comfortable in and it surely will work better than wearing the trend.

All of us have our very own personal style and that guides us what to buy , why we pick certain types of clothes , why we prefer wearing a floral top than stripes , black more than orange color or polka dots over plain shirts !

I personally prefer garments with fewer patterns and designs.

A garment with lot of design, prints and pattern makes me slightly uncomfortable but I still love polka dots on my garments.

Though it is important for some of us to dress up in latest fashion and be well groomed with certain hair style / make up trends but if it’s not a part of our personality, values , goals then it might not work for us.

A fine balance is needed between our physical characteristics , psychological characteristics and what kind of clothes we personally prefer.

I will be writing about these three areas soon.

Today , Lets look at some garment which can be tried on certain people on the basis of their physical characteristics .

  • A balloon skirt will not appeal to a woman with heavy lower body. Instead she can try a straight cut skirt with a comfortable fit .
  • A tall woman should ideally wear thin pin stripes on garment top . Prints are preferred than vertical stripes on trousers and skirts for her .
  • Add a single pop of color to your otherwise dull garment in the form of an accessory , lip color , shoes or temporary hair streaks to bring a fine balance in the outfit .
  • Avoid wearing a garment with polka dots when you just got a new pimple on your face.
  • Matching the color of your socks with the trousers adds illusion of height.
  • A male with thin shoulder can look broad on top body by adding a jacket or horizontal lines on T. Shirts.
  • A short female can be made to look taller with use of right clothes and accessories.

Do try  these and share your experiences !!