Do you workout? Are you a Social butterfly? If given a choice to go for a game of tennis/watch a movie, where would you go?

Have you ever faced a situation where you are invited for a Formal event (Eg. Black Tie Event) but there is nothing appropriate in your wardrobe which you can wear.

What’s in my wardrobe will guide you to choose the right clothes for the right occasion.

Most of us would agree the composition of our wardrobe depends on how we spend the day, the week ,the months and the year .

And the composition is not permanent.

A woman who spends most of her day at office would have maximum number of clothes which she can wear at the office….that’s plain logic.

However, once she starts working from home isn’t the Wardrobe composition ready for a change?
She will now need clothes which are more comfortable, yet smart & cater to her work from home need!

So what is the correct composition of your wardrobe?

Let’s look at activities which an average person does.


– Gym, Walk, Yoga , Zumba etc

At Home

–What you wear at home, you can also wear for grocery shopping or pick up your kids from the the bus stop.

Sleep wear

– Clothes which you sleep in, comfortable ( recycled from your day wear clothes )


– Visit to the mall, movie, shopping

Evening – Dressy

– Socializing in the evening, more formal (sometimesJ)

Day – Dressy

  • Socializing during the day.

At Work

-Appropriate to the Place, Role, Job


-Amalgamation of the above activities, wherever you spend maximum number of hours

What are the three activities that you engage in most of your day? Is your Wardrobe composition correct?

What is the right choice of clothes for each of these activities?

We are sending out messages during these activities ..these messages are being read by people we interact with .How do we want to be addressed / what image we want to create / what impression do we want to leave  during a certain activity ..your dressing will depend on that !

For Eg. A jeans & Round Neck T.Shirt will give a message of being casual , friendly , not very rigid whereas someone wearing a Shirt & a Jeans will be look more formal , this can also be worn for a semi casual activity .

A jacket if added to any of these  garment set will send a message of more formality.

An extra layer adds you might observe that people are giving you a little more respect & looking at you as a confident person .