“You become what you think ” what you feel about yourself is what will get projected to the outside world .

Hence Our Image to the external world is a replica of our self worth/ Self Image .

The physical or the visual aspect plays a vital role as 55% of the first impressions are created by how we appear to others .This as all of us know is Non verbal  .How important is it to look apt , correct , polished for our Role & Goals in life …!

Lets talk about one small aspect here which is our body shape or figure variations .Some of us may want to alter that , or want to look thin, fat, short , tall , slim .

There is a solution –  create an illusion in the eyes of the viewer  ( * few trade secrets are being leaked here … )

Talking about plus size , I got few requests from friends who want me to share some tips on Plus size dressing & how to alter that image & create few illusions  ( though this is a very brief guide touching only few aspects of dressing . First impressions include many other aspects which i will touch in forthcoming articles)

With the prevalent trends many brand now cater to the Plus Size.

However once you are at the shop , you are not sure what kind of garments should be worn, what should be the design?

So what design elements works best for a Plus Size Woman?

  • The Neckline 
  • Keep the necklines Angular & not curved as it will compliment your curves .
  • Necklines – not be more than 2 inches below collar bone
  • Avoid high closed collar, Band neckline .
  • The Garment Color
  • The color of your eyes, hair, skin plays an important role here
  • Use colour which compliment your Personal colour.
  • Most of us Indians have Orange undertone so a blue. violet would always look good on us ( pick the right blue though )
  • Design on the Garment
  • Keep the design and pattern on the garment medium and not too big
  • Try to stick to less busy designs on garments
  • Vertical thin stripes on Tops will create illusion of length & take the eyes away from the width. So do try them!
  • Garment Fit
  • Wear well fitted clothes but not too tight
  • A garment which is not too flowy will work better .
  • Accessory
  • Wear one chunky piece of jewelry instead of wearing big size ear rings, neckpiece and bracelet
  • Scarfs , Bags

Apart from these , you also might consider the place you are going to , the time of the day & what Image you want to project !