Everything is communicating to each other in this world .

Giving out signals , saying something which cant always be heard but may be seen or felt , making its impression on the surroundings and people around it .

Have you ever thought , how does this happen?

Lets Imagine that you see a Purse lying on the street

– the moment you see it do you would feel the signals it is giving ?

It somehow gives you an idea of the kind of person it belongs to , why its lying there , the quality , color , stuff inside all start talking to you & you create a story , perception , Image about it in your mind.

This is what is called Impression or the so called First Impression

That was just a purse , similarly we Human beings are creating impressions on people we meet .

When we enter a Restaurant or we meet a new set of Parents at school , even before we start talking , we have already made our Impression on them

they have already decided if they want to talk to us or not, do they like us , what kind of a person are we etc .

Similarly when you see a person / a stranger you observe the way person is dressed , groomed , body language , the way he is walking , the things he is carrying in is hand and hence within first 3 seconds he has given out signals and made his first impression on you .

& Yes , It just takes 3 seconds to make that impression !!! can we control it ??

YES we can once we are aware about what signals or messages do we want to give out even before we start talking .

If we can control the First Impression , why not make it the best !

‘You will never get a second chance to create that First Impression’.

But what do these First Impressions do & should we even bother about them?